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We don't just cover your furniture. With Western Express your entire home is covered; lights, walls and stairs. As important as what's covered, is what's not covered, how about lamps? We cover almost everything with our exclusive rates and personalized coverage.



Licensed Movers in Canada are required to provide basic insurance. However, clients may purchase additional protection plans. 


You need to base your need for additional protection on the durability of your shipment NOT value. On the other hand movers secure and give more attention to unreliable shipments.


Basic Protection FREE

Premium Protection $50-$200

Electronics Protection $50

As a trusted moving company in Vancouver. We at Western Express believe trust starts with transparency. We've went an extra mile providing detailed information on moving insurance. To help you understand how insurance works in the Canadian moving industry and to provide you with adequate information before you make a decision. 


There are different levels of liability. The level you choose will determine the type and amount of reimbursement you will receive if an item is lost or damaged. Moving companies offer "VALUATION OPTIONS." In these options you can pay for a stated liability. In other words, you are setting the limits for your moving company's liability if your belongings are damaged, lost or destroyed. Each client can choose a limit for their move preferably. These options exist because some people move high-priced and fragile items while others move durable and low-priced items. For this reason there isn't one type of coverage. We recommend PREMIUM coverage with electronics protection plan. Most of the time we have durable and low-priced furniture; but in addition to that, we have high-priced fragile electronics, like TVs. For this reason it's important to pick the right coverage and the right moving company. Moving companies are not liable for anything unless you set the limits of that liability for them. From that point forward, agreement papers are signed and the move takes place. Moving companies can even refuse to give "Basic Protection" and no coverage at all. However your taking risk if damage does occur.



All items are covered with "Basic Protection" which is known federally as "Released Value Protection." A maximum of $0.60 per pound. This industry standard for all licensed movers in both Canada and the U.S is $0.60 multiplied by the weight of the item as recommended by 'Good Practice Guidelines for Canadian Movers" and "" Exclusions, terms, and conditions apply. The first link is a government of Canada publications. The second link is a U.S government federal cabinet department. We highly recommend that you read both links fully and completely. Knowledge is power. Click on the image below. 



If you don't buy Replacement Value Protection; as stated in Good Practice Guidelines, moving companies are liable only up to 60 cents per pound of any article that may be destroyed or lost. For a typical television set, that's about $30. Be sure you have adequate protection either through your own insurance policy or through Western Express's Replacement Value Protection or any moving company you choose to go with." Remember as the the Canadian Consumer Checklist states "Even with the best mover, you need to know how you can protect yourself. Movers have different rates and limits for "Replacement Value Protection." You must determine the value of your goods, then the company can legally agree to be liable up to the amount that represents the estimate of the value of your goods. You don't want to purchase expensive coverage when your shipment is not even worth $1000.00. "Replacement Value Protection" comes in three options. 

$2.00 per pound. $500 per item. $20,000 total shipment.


$5.00 per pound. $1000 per item. $30,000 total shipment.


$10.00 per pound. $2000 per item. $40,000 total shipment.



You love your electronics, so do we. Protect your favorite gadgets with Western Express electronics protection service for just $99.00. Electronics don't bear much weight but hold a lot of value. With this plan your electronics are protected based on retail value; instead of weight. We cover you where your electronics manufacturer’s warranty might not. 



Basically, if your two-year-old TV is smashed, moving companies will not replace it with a new one. You will likely be given the fair market value of a two-year-old TV. There are many websites that are very helpful when it comes to determining the value of used electronics, such as and There is also a standard depreciation rate for many electronics. Depreciation is natural with technology advancing rapidly every year. Typically, each year, the asset depreciates by a fixed percentage over a period of 5 years maximum. Which protects and entitles value for older electronics. The depreciation rate for most electronics is 20% annually for a maximum of 5 years. 




Western Express requires you to fill out a "Declared Value Form" and "Shipment Condition Form." The agreement will be entered on the invoice and active at the start of the move. All items will be visually inspected onsite and the movers will notify you with any previous damage before loading it in the truck. When the truck is emptied you will be required to inspect and sign "Shipment Condition Form" noting that the completed move is a well done job and delivery of shipment is in good condition. High Value items will be recorded and taken into in-depth consideration for extensive care.



Items excluded are those that become more valuable over time with age or history (sentimental and emotional). This includes antiques, art, collectibles, memorabilia, and souvenirs. For example if you inherited a lamp from your mother, who inherited that lamp from her mother. We can't determine a value for a lamp like that except the value the market already has for it. However by your request we can move it for you but we will not be liable for its value gained in time and history but only for the current market value. These special items by their inherent nature, cannot be replaced nor covered in any type of insurance or special insurance in the whole wide world. Other extremely valuable Items: pets and livestock, money, jewellery, bonds, legal documents, stamps, photographs and other such items of extraordinary value are exempt and should not be packed for transport in our moving trucks. You should transport all these high valued items in your own vehicle.

Canadian Association of Movers and Good Practice Guidelines for Canadian Movers specify that with valuation coverage, movers are not responsible for items in boxes they did not pack. Unless the box shows significant damage, you are not likely to be covered for damage to anything inside the box. You are also not covered for “natural disasters,” such as fire, hurricane, tornado, windstorm, hail, rain, etc.

1. Perishable goods like food. We can't guarantee the temperature.
2. Plants. Plants are sensitive and we can't guarantee its safe transport.
3. Particle boards and furniture made of literally sawdust. Screws usually disintegrate and break off. Assembled kit furniture that is not disassembled and is not strong enough to move safely, unless disassembled. Substandard materials such as LDF and MDF are not covered! (Medium-Density Fibreboard)

4. Furniture that is not emptied. Not all furniture is designed to be moved with extra weight. It's dangerous! Sure, clothes don’t weigh that much, but they do add quite a bit of weight to a dresser set. If you’ve ever had to lug a laundry basket full of clothes, you know what we mean. Furniture can be fragile and collapse under the pressure of being moved. Protect your furniture and empty the drawers.

5. Furniture that is not padded and wrapped.  If you decide to not have your items wrapped to save time, you will be asked to sign a liability waiver.
6. Lamps that are not disassembled and placed in a box. Lamps are weak in core and fragile in nature.
7. Boxes filled with plates and glassware but not labeled or warned: "FRAGILE."
8. Caster Wheels. Office chair plastic caster wheels. 4 of them are worth $9 from ULINE. Click HERE
for images.
8. Items listed out by the discretion of the driver for its unreliable status.


In the event of damage, first step is to notify the movers and contact WesternExpress immediately. All damages should be written on the bill of lading. Damaged items should be kept separate and untouched until WesternExpress has inspected it. Never panic in situations like this. 
It is important to note that the full charge for WesternExpress is still due. For their hard work, labour, service and for moving your goods to your new location. By law, the payment agreed on in the beginning of the move is still due regardless of any damage or claim. Why is payment still required? It's because the discount can not be determined by you or us if there is a disagreement. However in the case of agreement; a discount can be deducted. In the case of a disagreement a discount should be determined by judge in a civil and unbiased case. It's uncivil and not fair if you choose not to pay for the initial agreement. 
Claims must be made within 30 days for local moves and within 60 days for long distance moves. Depending on the claim it may take some time to get an estimate and approval. It also takes time to schedule a repair. Any damage done to walls and paint will be repaired within 5-10 business days. We have contractors who paint, patch and fix common damage. Any item that is repairable can be negotiated and if both parties agree, a repair will take place. Some claims can be solved in minutes and some take longer to assess. We are a solid business and will stand by your side through it all.


It is important to acknowledge a legal process. The law is there as guidelines for the community. You have rights and responsibilities for any claim against WesternExpress. Similarly we also have rights and responsibilities. You must pay the bill at all times. We don't disappear after the bill is paid! We tackle problems and do not evade them. Our goal is to be a trusted company. We aim to keep your respect. We protect our clients and do not have bias. 

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